Department of Botany
*Conference will be held from 27th Nov to 29th Nov 2024   |    *The last date for submission of the abstract is on or before 30 September 2024
Fungal Frontiers: Biodiversity, Biomolecules
and Bioengineering Applications for Sustainable Perspectives

51st Annual Meeting of Mycological Society of India
(Prof. C.V. Subramanian Birth Centenary Celebration)

Theme Areas Of The Conference
1. Fungal Diversity, Systematics and Phylogeny

 a) Exploration of fungal biodiversity

 b) Novel fungal identification techniques (DNA barcoding, metagenomics)

 c) Conservation strategies for threatened fungal species 

 d) Fungal symbioses with plants and other organisms

2. Fungal Biomolecules (Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals and industrial bioactive compounds)

 a) Identification and characterization of novel fungal secondary metabolites

 b) Understanding the biosynthetic pathways of fungal natural products 

 c) Exploring the potential applications of fungal metabolites in medicine, agriculture, and industry 

 d) Fungal enzymes for industrial applications 

3. Fungal Bioengineering and Synthetic Biology

 a) Development of genetically modified fungi for enhanced production of biomolecules

 b) Engineering fungal strains for bioremediation or environmental applications

 c) Fungal chassis development for heterologous protein expression 

 d) Ethical considerations in fungal bioengineering

4. Sustainable Applications of Fungi 

 a) Mycoremediation - using fungi to clean up polluted environments

 b) Fungal biodegradation of plastics and other waste materials

 c) Edible and medicinal mushrooms - cultivation and applications 

 d) Mycopesticides and biocontrol agents for sustainable agriculture

 e) Fungal biomass as a source of biofuels and biomaterials 

5. Fungal Challenges and Future Directions

 a) Fungal diseases in plants and animals - diagnostics and control strategies 

 b) Impact of climate change on fungal communities

 c) Fungal genomics and population genetics 

 d) Integrating fungal research with other disciplines for a holistic approach

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