Department of Botany
*Conference will be held from 27th Nov to 29th Nov 2024   |    *The last date for submission of the abstract is on or before 30 September 2024
Fungal Frontiers: Biodiversity, Biomolecules
and Bioengineering Applications for Sustainable Perspectives

51st Annual Meeting of Mycological Society of India
(Prof. C.V. Subramanian Birth Centenary Celebration)

About the Conference

Theme of Conference -
Fungi: A Treasure Trove for Sustainable Solution

In the face of climate change, mycologists are unlocking the immense potential of fungi to achieve sustainable development goals across various sectors. They are actively exploring fungal diversity, delving into their life cycles, genomes, and protein profiles. This knowledge is driving the discovery of novel biomolecules for human well-being. Fungal research has yielded a bounty of new products: delicious and nutritious mushrooms, life-saving drugs for emerging diseases, and immune-boosting metabolites. Additionally, bioengineering fungal pathways are leading to the production of improved enzymes for food processing (baking, brewing) and more efficient waste conversion into valuable food and feed ingredients. The fight against antibiotic resistance is being bolstered by new fungal antibiotics. Furthermore, fungi are a rich source of health-promoting compounds such as hepatoprotective, anti-diabetic, and anti-inflammatory molecules.
The industrial sector is also benefiting from fungi. Bioengineering allows for the production of sustainable fuels, nanoparticles with various applications, and a range of industrial compounds like organic acids, edible oils, natural dyes and mico-diesel. In agriculture, new fungal communities are being identified that enhance crop resilience to biotic stress and climate change. Additionally, fungi play a critical role in environmental clean-up, decomposing hazardous chemicals and aiding in the breakdown of synthetic dyes and plastics. Their potential extends to the bioaccumulation of heavy metals and the development of eco friendly pesticides. This conference, title "Fungal Frontiers: Biodiversity, Biomolecules, and Bioengineering Applications for Sustainable Perspective" aptly reflects the exciting new discoveries and future directions in fungal research. Mycologists will share their latest findings and engage in discussions to harness this vast potential for a more sustainable future

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