Department of Botany
*Conference will be held from 27th Nov to 29th Nov 2024   |    *The last date for submission of the abstract is on or before 30 September 2024
Fungal Frontiers: Biodiversity, Biomolecules
and Bioengineering Applications for Sustainable Perspectives

51st Annual Meeting of Mycological Society of India
(Prof. C.V. Subramanian Birth Centenary Celebration)

Local Advisory Committee

Prof. P. C. Trivedi
(Former-Vice-Chancellor, JNV University, Jodhpur)

Prof. L. N. Harsh
(Former-Vice-Chancellor, Agriculture, University, Jodhpur)

Prof. S. M. Reddy

Prof. C. S. Gehlot

Dr. S. Sobhag

Prof. K. G. Ramawat

Prof. S. Sundaramoorthy

Prof. H. S. Gehlot

Prof. S. Rama Rao

Dr. S. K. Singh

Dr. Arun Kumar Purohit

Prof. Richhpal Singh

Dr. Jitendra Kumar Shukla

Dr. Arun Kumar

Dr. Harish

Dr. Naveen Bohra

Dr. S. K. Vyas

Dr. Rakesh Pathak

Dr. Sunil Choudhary

Dr. Dilip Singh Solanki

Prof. B. R. Chaudhary
(Vice-Chancellor, Agriculture University, Jodhpur)

Prof. G. R. Jakhar
(Former-Vice-Chancellor, MGS University, Bikaner)

Prof. D. K. Purohit

Prof. N. S. Shekhawat

Prof. S. Kaur

Prof. S.D. Purohit

Prof. P. K. Kasera

Prof. Anil Vyas

Dr. T. S. Rathore

Prof. G.S. Deora

Prof. Sumita Kachhawaha

Dr. Dushyant Gehlot

Prof. Jitendra Panwar

Prof. Gajendra Aseri

Dr. Indu Singh Sankhla

Dr. Dinesh Hans

Dr. Manish Mathur

Dr. Vikram Singh Chouhan

Dr. Surendra

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