Department of Botany
*Conference will be held from 27th Nov to 29th Nov 2024   |    *The last date for submission of the abstract is on or before 30 September 2024
Fungal Frontiers: Biodiversity, Biomolecules
and Bioengineering Applications for Sustainable Perspectives

51st Annual Meeting of Mycological Society of India
(Prof. C.V. Subramanian Birth Centenary Celebration)

Awards & Memorial Lectures

Mycological Society of India has constituted the following Awards. The MSI members are invited to share their research work in the form of Award / Memorial Lectures during the Annual Meeting of the Society.

For Senior Scientists (Above 50 years - already selected by MSI) 

   Life Time Achievement Award

   Prof. K. R. Aneja Award for Life Time Achievement Awardee

   Prof. C.V. Subramanian Memorial Award

   Dr. V. Agnihothrudu Memorial Award

   Prof. K. Natarajan Memorial Award

   Dr. S.K. Shome Memorial Award 

   Prof. P.C. Jain Memorial Award

   Prof. Geeta Sumbali Award for Women Scientists 

   Prof. P. Ramachar Memorial Award for Senior Mycologists 

For Mid-Aged Scientists (36 - 50 years) – Competition by Oral Presentation 

   Prof. K.G. Mukerji Memorial Award for Mid-Aged Scientists 

   Prof. B.P.R. Vittal Memorial Award for Mid-Aged Scientists 

   Prof. J. Muthumary Memorial Award for Mid-Aged Women Scientists 

For Young Researchers (up to 35 years) – Competition by Oral Presentation

   Dr. M.J. Thirumalachar Memorial Merit Award for Young Mycologists

   Dr. Mrs. Sushma Aneja Memorial Award for Young Researchers 

   Prof. T.N. Lakhanpal Award to Young Researchers for Fundamental Mycological Research 

For Young Researchers (up to 35 years) – Competition by Poster Presentation 

   Prof. K. R. Aneja & Dr. Mrs. Sushma Aneja Award for Young Researchers for Poster Presentation

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